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Wreaths, trees and green machines (tractors!)

I have to start off by saying that this is the earliest Paul has ever put the blade on the tractor and plowed the driveway! It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago (wait - it was a couple weeks ago!) that we were hunting pumpkins in the trees and now we are plowing the driveway and getting ready to cut Christmas trees! We actually sold our first Christmas tree today - the earliest we've ever cut a Christmas tree - to a family that just couldn't wait any longer! I think this snow is getting folks into the Christmas spirit!

I've been gathering greens over the past couple of days for wreaths and other evergreen decor, and I have to admit, it is getting me into the Christmas spirit as well! I love the smell of fresh cut greens, and when it is paired with berries and cones and ribbon, I cannot help but feel the joy of the Christmas season! I am so looking forward to our wreath workshop next Saturday! I love meeting new people and watching everyone's creativity emerge as they design beautiful unique wreaths!

For those of you wondering how we are going to navigate our business through this pandemic, let me assure you we are taking precautions. We encourage anyone who is elderly or immune compromised to come get a tree during the week, when it is less busy. We are also willing to deliver trees to those who just don't feel safe coming out. Just call us to order a tree and have it delivered. During the weekends when it is busy, we ask that everyone do their best to social distance and please wear masks in the barn and giftshop. We were so pleased with the respect and kindness that was shown during the Pumpkin Hunt! Our customers are the best! I'm sure we can get through this season safely and still have a wonderful family experience at the farm! We look forward to this time of year when we get to see so many friends and catch up with their lives! Can't wait to see you all at the farm!

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