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Pumpkins and Christmas trees amid a pandemic

We have spent the last few months thinking this pandemic would be over by now and we would not have to worry about our fall festivities, but, alas, this just isn't the case. So we've pondered, "Do we have the Pumpkin Hunt, or do we cancel?" Well, we just can't disappoint the hundreds of youngsters (and oldsters) that come to our farm for fun, friendship and fellowship, so IT'S ON! We just have to take all the precautions, and you all know the protocol since we've been doing it for MONTHS now! Please do not come if you are feeling ill, make sure you wear a mask if you cannot keep a 6 ft distance from each other, and wash or sanitize your hands often! We will have plenty of hand sanitizer available at different stations around the farm. Since the gift shop is enclosed and does not have windows for air circulation, masks will be required for those entering the shop. We can still have fun amid a pandemic if we just follow these simple rules! Feel free to contact us if you have any additional concerns or ideas. We want to make this a great experience for everyone! Hope to see you all at the Pumpkin Hunt! By the way, it is two weekends this year so we can spread everyone out a little more!

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